E-waste & Recycling



Protect the environment!

Reduce your carbon footprint!

Every little bit counts!


You’ve probably heard this and many other assortment of wording - maybe moreso over recent years. But the general gist is that EVERYONE has a part to play in helping Mother Earth, no matter how small your action may seem to you, no matter what you recycle (even that unused $30 tablet you bought off Ebay ages ago).


And you know what else?

You can get your friends in on the action too and post it onto social media!

Stuff like:

  • That Coke can that’s been standing on your desk for 2 weeks (coming onto 3)?
  • The stacks of aluminium pie thingies in your kitchen?
  • All those plastic bottle lids laying around the floor?


Those and many, many other examples seem insignificant compared to what you see on social media and the news; major breakthrough inventions that gobble up junk by the thousands, large drives by community groups cleaning up their surroundings, and even celebrities are going green.

And they look like they’re having fun!

So what stops us, the average person, the masses, from recycling?


Could it be that we are just a pessimistic bunch? That we have already imagined Earth covered in noxious fumes, lakes backed-up in pollution, and our backyards becoming part dumping-ground, part water-feature? Is it that,like me, you can’t be bothered to sort them out just before the garbage truck comes for its round in the freezing morning?

Or is it that there is no reward in the end?

What if you knew where your junk was going to?


What if you could see and ask for yourself what went down with your oddbits and whatever else was lying around the house?

To see objects you thought were useless help out your local community in some way (without having to travel interstate to some giant factory just to see what happened to your 3 coke cans and assortment of Action Man toy figurines)?


Gifts that actually help you, whomever you give it to, and the environment?

At Discount Computer Needs we’re on the verge of making those above points a reality!

With the community in mind we intend to make the product and the process as transparent as possible so that anyone who has an inquiry leaves with an understanding that you probably won’t get from major corporations.


And with us being a small local business we know that jargon-free info is better than jargon-full explanations so you can share with family and friends the fact that your old computer is now helping a student with their education at a local school!


Selling brand new and ex-lease computers, laptops, printers, ink and toner Discount Computer Needs sounds like your run-of-the-mill computer shop but with links to various prominent community groups and persons the addition of electronics recycling will undoubtedly have a widespread positive effect on the community.


And with a few more projects in the making we hope that many more people will be positively affected and spread the word of recycling!