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2200 mAh Power Bank

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The Power Bank 2200mah!
This portable high capacity and high current Power Bank is ideal for all USB devices, tablets and smartphones and comes with 9 pin, Micro and 30 Pin. It's pre-charged so you can start using it straight out of the box. Carry the Power Bank wherever you go on full charge and never worry about a low battery again - simply plug it in and let it charge. Charge your smartphone, tablet or mobile device on the go with the PB-2200P-PNK.

Pre-charged ready to go
The Power Bank is 100% pre-charged so you can use it straight away out of the packet. The ultra portable design means you can easily carry it in your pocket or slip it into your bag.

Mobile devices
For charging USB devices including smartphones, tablets, portable cameras and more. Also comes with an LED light that appears when charging.

Available in different colours
Power Bank comes in four ice cream colours including yellow, pink, green and blue.