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HDMI 50 cm Cable V2

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This high speed HDMI cable is constructed of pure copper with multiple layers of shielding to prevent interference and maximize signal strength.

HDMI Ver 2.0 - High Speed with Ethernet
Needed to play 4K and 3D Ready content, this cable is ideal for watching movies or TV shows in high resolution and stereoscopic 3D transmission format.
3D ready
This high speed cable can transmit a signal of up to 60Hz.
4K (UHD) resolution ready
This cable is recommended for playback of resolutions at 1080p, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels per frame, or greater.
24K Gold connectors
Whereas copper connecters oxidize when exposed to air over time and result in a green patina, gold-plated connectors do not tarnish and result in extended wear to last longer.
Triple shielded cable
Triple shielding is introduced to protect the RF signals from external interference.
Nylon mesh outer
Premium Alloy plug