Kaspersky Total Security 2020 3 Device 1 Year Antivirus and Security Discount Computer Needs

Kaspersky Total Security 2020 3 Device 1 Year

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Australian license key for use in Australia / NZ Only. License key is emailed during business Hours between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST, excluding public holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding license key orders:

Q. How soon will I receive the license key by email after the order is placed?

A. The license key orders are processed during business hours Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm AEST. Your license key will be emailed within 1 business day (Exception applies for Queensland Public holiday & weekends).

Q. Can I use the license key to renew my current subscription?

A. Yes the license key supplied can be used to renew existing subscription or to start a new subscription.

Q. I still have weeks/months left in my current subscription. Can I purchase in advance at the special price?

A. Yes you can purchase now and activate your license key at a later date. The subscription period only beings when you activate the software.

Q. Where do I download the software? Is it the latest version?

A. The download link and license key will be emailed to you after the completion of the order. With email license key, you always get the latest version. You will be given details to download from the official website.

Q. Are the license key Australian license

A. Yes the product key are Australian license keys which are used in A/NZ region. Once activated, you can use them overseas as you travel.

Q. I have not received my license key after 1 business day. Who do I contact?

A. Please help check your spam folder just in case our email has been filtered incorrectly. If still not received, please email us with your order# and we can resend it for you.


Our Ultimate Protection for All Your Devices
With just one license, Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device delivers our highest protection for your PCs, Mac computers & Android devices for upto 3 devices.

  • Protects your digital life against today’s Internet threats
  • Delivers our ultimate protection – for PC, Mac, Android & iOS
  • Helps protect your privacy – from webcam spies & more
  • Safeguards your money when you’re online banking & shopping
  • Secures your identity, photos, files & other digital assets
  • Protects your children against online dangers
  • Simplifies security management – across all your devices
  • Delivers efficient protection – so your devices can perform

It SECURES – with award-winning protection
Our security helps to block ransomware, identity thieves, viruses, spam, dangerous websites and banner adverts*.
*For PCs only

It SUPPORTS – PC, Mac & mobile
Whatever combination of computers and Android devices your family uses, we help you to keep everyone safe… and if a phone or tablet goes missing, remote controls will help you to lock it, wipe it and find it.

It DEFENDS – your family’s privacy and more
Because phishing, tracking and spying can do so much harm, we help to protect your family’s personal data, prevent their online behavior being tracked** and stop spies accessing your family’s webcams**… plus a new, patented technology helps to prevent audio surveillance – by blocking unauthorized access to microphone data*. Our App Lock feature also lets your family add security code locks for apps on Android devices.
*For PCs only
**For PCs and Mac computers only

It CONNECTS – more securely
When your family goes online – even if they use public Wi-Fi – we help protect their communications, identities and data.** So your family can surf, socialize and stream... while we help safeguard their privacy.**
**For PCs and Mac computers only

It PROTECTS – online shopping & banking
We add extra layers of security… to help prevent thieves stealing your family’s money. When a family member clicks to access one of their favorite shopping or banking websites, our unique Safe Money technology checks that the website is secure, ensures your family’s not being tricked by a fake site and then opens the site in a special, protected mode.**
**For PCs and Mac computers only

It BOOSTS – security for your kids
Whether your kids are using their mobiles or computers to surf, play or socialize, we give you powerful ways to help guide your children to safety – in the digital world… and beyond. You can regulate the use of apps & devices – plus check your child’s location and get an alert if they leave the ‘safe area’ that you define.

It SAVES – time and hassle
Signing in to websites and online accounts is easier, faster and more secure – with no need to remember every password. All your family’s passwords are securely stored – ready for access from computer, tablet, phone or your family’s free My Kaspersky accounts.

It PRESERVES – precious files
By creating backup copies of their files, your family can guard against losing precious photos, music or memories – plus data encryption helps to make files unreadable for hackers.*
*For PCs only

It PERFORMS – so security won’t get in anyone’s way
We’ve combined security & efficiency – so all your family’s devices can keep performing as they were designed to… and that means your family can do more of the things they really want to do.

It SIMPLIFIES – so you can get on with your busy life
It’s easy to manage your family’s security – from anywhere you can get online – and expert technical support is only a click away.