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mbeat Gorilla Power 10 Port 60 W USB Charging Dock

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  • With the increased popularities of smartphones and, devices are facing shorter battery life. Requiring frequent charging of batteries can limit us from enjoying the digital era and lifestyle.

  • Families, offices and businesses are constantly looking for a simple, space saving, and fast charging solution for their multiple digital devices to improve efficiency and save time.

  • Now we have the right answer! The mbeat® Gorilla power 10 port 60watts USB charging hub is the solution.

  • It has 10 dedicated USB ports with a massive 60 watts built-in power in a compact design. It is one of the most compact 10 port USB charging hub on the market. Evidently, the design allows easy mobility when on the go.

  • 10 of the USB ports sufficiently reduced the usage of the power adaptors, saving the space of power sockets on your power board. It also means no more searching for available USB ports or adaptors at your workstation or during travel. You just need USB cables to charge them all.

  • It delivers 2 types of charging current, designed for smartphones or tablets. The 1Amp output can power up to 10 smartphones simultaneously while the 2.4 Amp output can fast charge 5 of your iPads or Tablets at lightning speed.

  • If you are looking for a multiple digital devices charger to fit neatly into your desktop, or home office, the mbeat® Gorilla power 10 port charging hub is the perfect choice.

  • Specifications:

    Charging Mode

    • 1A mode (Recommended for smart phones)
      • Up to 10 smart phones or possibly
      • 9 iPads + 1 Tablet* (Slow charging)
    • *The 5th port is specially designed to charge Samsung, Blackberry or Nokia, not for iDevice.
    • 2.4A mode (Recommended for iPads/Tablets):
      • Up to 5 iPads or 5 Tablets (Fast charging)

    Product Specifications

    • Input: AC 100-240V 1.3A 50/60Hz
    • Output: DC 5V 1A x 10 or DC 5V 2.4A x 5
    • Unit Dimension: 153 x 106.6 x 30mm
    • Unit Weight: 310g
    • Package Dimensions: 234 x 127 x 55mm
    • Package Weight: 520g
    • Protection Function: OCP, OVP, SCP, OTP
    • Quiescent Dissipation: ≤ 0.3W

    Product Contents

    • Unit
    • Power cord
    • Manual (inside box)